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MilitaryAgent™ provides licensed real estate agents with quality referrals of active duty servicemembers, reservists, and veterans looking to purchase their next home. A small referral fee is paid to representatives of MilitaryAgent™ if a transaction is successfully closed with a referral lead.

If you desire to start receiving referrals in your area, please complete the agent application.

Why Work With MilitaryAgent™?

• Leads aren't paid for upfront. The small referral fee is only paid upon successful closing of the transaction.

• Military homebuyers have stable income and make fast decisions in buying a home.

• Military personnel have access to VA Loans, the most lenient and beneficial financing option available to most homebuyers.

• The referrals you are provided are from those who have specifically asked to speak with a licensed real estate agent.

How MilitaryAgent™ Works

When a potential military homebuyer signs up on our website, one of our Agent Specialists, who are also licensed real estate agents, calls the lead as quickly as possible (within 10-15 minutes). In the Agent Specialist's telephone conversation, we verify the lead's information that was provided on our website, ensure the lead is serious about his or her home buying intent, provide answers to questions, and prepare the lead to speak with you.

How We Match Military HomeBuyers with Agents

Each military homebuyer referral is matched with a licensed real esate agent that we feel best fits the homebuyer's needs. The agent is selected based on an interview with the same Agent Specialist who contacted the homebuyer, production levels as seen in online professional profiles, service areas, homebuyer preferences, communication and customer service, prior military service, knowledge of VA Loans, and military relocation certifications, among other criteria. On average, an Agent Specialist will interview five licensed real estate agents before recommending an agent to the military homebuyer.

What Happens After Receiving a Referral?

After you have been selected as the recommended agent for the homebuyer, we will send you an email with the referral form and fee (25%), military homebuyer's first name, city, state, and approximate budget. Completed referral forms must be returned with 24 hours, and upon receipt of the completed referral form, we will email you the military homebuyer's contact information.

How Can I Start Getting MilitaryAgent™ Referrals?

When you are ready to start receiving MilitaryAgent™ Referrals, please complete the agent application.

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